Another blogger!

OK, this may seem a little weird since my first post hasn’t actually posted YET, because I set it to post at 6ish and, well, I can’t wait that long!

But anyway, I have some exciting news!!!

My friend is joining my blog! EEEEEEEEEK!!!

Ok,  the blog I started yesterday, but still, it feels like I’ve been on it for years.

She’ll be going by the name of Lemon, Lemmie and Lemon Zest or Lime, Limmie and Lime Zest. So, that we’re a like “You’re the Lemon to my Lime”  sort of thing. I got this idea off of a super-cute pic I saw on Google that I’ll be posting when I’ve posted this.

Lemon and Lime Zest, going offline xoxo ♥❇♥❇


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